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Animal Pack: DIY projects for the pets


Animal Pack is an instructional guide to construct a 4×6 doghouse, a 4×6 chicken coop, a 6x6x10 fort, a birdhouse and a 3x3x3 cat fort. This guide is for the do it yourself carpenter who wants to fill his place with forts and structures for their many beloved pets.




Family Pack: Household Carpentry Projects for around your home.


Family Pack: Household Carpentry Projects for around your home.

Ronald is an accomplished master carpenter and designer. All of these projects have been constructed, designed and illustrated.

This instructional guide is for the family moving into a new home. Or an old home that needs some additions. Or maybe you have a growing family and need a few additions but want to do it yourself. The makings of all the things you will need for a growing family and a beautiful home. All in one package! It includes the instructions for a fort, doghouse, birdhouse, trellis and workbench.

They are in this order:

1: The Simplest Fort
2: Dog House
3: Trellis
4: Workbench
5: Birdhouse

This pack includes the instructions for a 6x6x10 fort, 4×8 trellis, 4x4x5 doghouse, 1’6” birdhouse and 32”x6’0” workbench. Easy to follow instructions and drawings.

Guidebook Trailer: http://youtu.be/_KmEhZPOfCo

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Odds and Ends: furniture for the home

This is an instructional guide that contains multiple carpentry projects for around the home.

They are in this order:

Toy Box- 1’6” x 1’6” x 3’0”
Outside Bench- 11” x 3’6” x 1’6”
Mail Box- 1’0” x 4’0”
Garden Box- 1’6” x 1’6”
Trellis- 4 x 8
Workbench- 30” x 34” x 6’0”
Birdhouse- 1’4” x 1’6”
Two Step Unit 1’4” x 1’4”

Cost: Generally, each project will cost around 40-150 dollars each, depending on material used.

Time: Most of these projects will take you about a standard 8 hour day, not including drying time for stain, varnish and water sealant.

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Odds-Ends-Carpentry-projects-around-ebook/dp/B01EGBA08A/

Barnes n Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/odds-and-ends-ronald-rex/1123672069

For Print ($7.99): http://www.amazon.com/Odds-Ends-Carpentry-projects-around/dp/1532820402/