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Dog Fort instructions


Build a 4×4 doghouse with two doorways on either side and a 2×6 porch walkway on two sides. Great for dogs who want to chill outside or cuddle inside.. Doorways are 1’6″x2’0″. Good for medium sized dogs.



Doghouse carpentry plans

Build your own doghouse:

This doghouse was specifically built in a certain manner. The picture on the front cover was the doghouse built for this plan.

Some modifications were made to simplify this plan for the novice. However the original was designed to be 4x6x5 doghouse with insulation. There are options to place doorways in different places.
There are also 2 different doorway sizes, (1’6”x 2’0” and 2’0” x 2’6”)

There are two different plans: one plan is for the doorway to be in the front (The four foot section) and another plan is for the doorway to be on the side. (On the back half of the six foot side.)

These instructions are a guide to build a 4×6 doghouse that is roughly five feet tall. The housing area is one foot from the ground and the roof is five feet from the deck.

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Buy on paperback ($9.99): http://www.amazon.com/Dog-House-Fort-Guidebook-Ronald/dp/1493732994

Dog Pack: carpentry for the dogs


Got lots of dogs? A big dog? Just love dogs… well this is the package of carpentry projects for you.

A package of diy instructions on building a 4×4 doghouse, whelping box, dog stairs and dog food bowl bench.

Ronald is an accomplished master carpenter and designer. All of these projects have been constructed, designed and illustrated.

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Buy on paperback ($9.99): http://www.amazon.com/Dog-Pack-Carpentry-Projects-Guidebook/dp/1505658330