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Fort Guidebook Trailer


The Simplest Fort


A step by step instruction on building your very own fort for your backyard.

Build your own fort:

Some of us are not as creative or skilled enough to design our own forts. This instructional document is to help the novice or semi-experienced carpenter to create their own fort for their children or even pets.

This fort was specifically designed in a certain manner. The picture on the front cover is the actual fort that was built for this plan. Some modifications were made to simplify this plan for the novice.

These instructions are a guide to build a six foot square fort that is roughly ten feet tall. It has a ladder leading into a two foot porch area and a four by six foot housing area. The housing area is four feet from the ground and the roof is four feet from the deck. The underground area is four feet from ground.

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Family Pack: Household Carpentry Projects for around your home.


Family Pack: Household Carpentry Projects for around your home.

Ronald is an accomplished master carpenter and designer. All of these projects have been constructed, designed and illustrated.

This instructional guide is for the family moving into a new home. Or an old home that needs some additions. Or maybe you have a growing family and need a few additions but want to do it yourself. The makings of all the things you will need for a growing family and a beautiful home. All in one package! It includes the instructions for a fort, doghouse, birdhouse, trellis and workbench.

They are in this order:

1: The Simplest Fort
2: Dog House
3: Trellis
4: Workbench
5: Birdhouse

This pack includes the instructions for a 6x6x10 fort, 4×8 trellis, 4x4x5 doghouse, 1’6” birdhouse and 32”x6’0” workbench. Easy to follow instructions and drawings.

Guidebook Trailer: http://youtu.be/_KmEhZPOfCo

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The Basic Fort


Build a basic and cheap fort for your backyard.

These instructions are a guide to build a 6×6 fort that is roughly ten feet tall. It has a ladder leading into the Deck area. The Deck is four feet from the ground and the roof is four feet from the deck.

It has an option for a sandbox at the bottom.

Cost: The price for the materials to build this project would be dependent upon what material that you purchase. Some lumber is more expensive than others. However, the original structure was created with standard pine so the general cost would be around $200, which would include hardware.

Time: I am not going to waste your time to estimate how long it will take you to assemble this fort. Every person has a different speed and it depends on your tools and expertise, obviously. As well as how much free time that is available to you.
Theoretically, it could be completed in one day. Also theoretically, it could take you a week. If you hire some of the contractors that I’ve heard complained about, it could take them a whole year.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Basic-Fort-Guidebook-Book-14-ebook/dp/B01J4MGSI2

Barnes N Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-basic-fort-ronald-rex/1124197983

You can find more DIY carpentry books here, http://www.amazon.com/Ronald-Rex/e/B00J7HYKD0/